Technology In Conservation

March 22, 2017

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Technology In Conservation

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If you really want to dabble in the science of “conservation technology”, just watch this interesting video. At times it’s downright “shocking!” You can also expand your learning right in your classroom with a combination of watching the video and having your teacher download the free Lesson Guide that further explores some cool conservation technologies. So download the free Lesson Activity at the bottom of this page to get started.

Like any field of science, today’s technology has changed how biologists study different species. So what are some of the technologies they use to study fish, and how has that changed from let’s say 50 years ago?

Well, in the past, it was pretty basic science. Biologists didn’t have much technology to help them study fish in wild environments. They either caught them in nets, on hook and line, or observed fish by looking into the water. Sometimes, biologist would observe captured fish in a tank, but that clearly prevented fish from behaving naturally in their ecosystem.

Fortunately though, new technology has changed how scientists can study fish. Plus, scientists now often combine several technologies to give them more information.

Plus, the educational partner noted below supported the video and companion lesson content here for all of us to learn from. They also offer other learning opportunities on their website. So click on their logo to discover more.


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