Ice Age Trekking

September 22, 2015

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Ice Age Trekking

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What do you need to know before hiking the Ice Age Trail? Discover the answers by watching this Serious Science video and reading the information below. And to take this learning adventure into your classroom, have your teacher download the free Lesson Activity at the bottom of this page so everyone can share in the fun of this inquiry based learning.

Okay, so you know that exploring science of nature often involves outdoor field expeditions to discover the science firsthand. When you hike across landscapes that have been glaciated like much of the Midwest we call that Ice Age Trekking…it’s hiking over stuff that was left by the last Ice Age.

For instance, take Wisconsin’s ice age mysteries along the Ice Age Trail. Though we can learn a lot from books and websites, nothing gives us a true sense of ice age features like exploring them on the ground. Plus, field expeditions offer the opportunity to also explore the ecosystems and biodiversity of an area. So how do we plan a field expedition along the Ice Age Trail so that it’s safe and educational?

To learn how, watch this video as you join some of our ITO adventure team trekking parts of the Ice Age Trail. We’ve also got a classroom Lesson Guide here to test this skills of your classmates to see if they’d make good companions on the trail of discovery.

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