Chemistry of Life

September 8, 2017

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Chemistry of Life

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On this Four-Part episode of Into the Outdoors:
Few people understand the mystery of what creates life. That’s why our ITO adventure team treks from wild jungles to sophisticated dairy labs in their quest to decode foundational chemistry behind some of the secrets of life. And be sure to check out the great “TED-Ed” educational video from Amanda Ooten, The simple story of photosynthesis and food. Use the drop-down arrows beneath the video thumbnails. And to take learning into classrooms, download the free middle and high school Lesson Activities at the bottom of this page.

At Olbrich Botanical Gardens they begin with unraveling how plants use photosynthesis to convert inorganic chemicals into organic compounds that form the basic building blocks of life. Next, they take these building blocks up through the food chain using an example of a dairy cow to track down how the chemistry of dairy science directly relates to the chemistry of life. After they uncover some history of early dairy science, they dive headlong into the real world of biochemical conversions working along real scientists at Wisconsin’s Center For Dairy Research. Finally, armed with all that they’ve learned, they begin some experiments of their own at home using milk products to further create and test biochemical reactions that they can eat – using real scientific methods that other kids can try at home.

Plus, the educational partner noted below supported the video content here for all of us to learn from. They also offer other learning opportunities on their website. Educators are encouraged to evaluate and consider their science sources. So click on their logo to discover more!


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