Partnerships Working Together

ITO Educational Partnerships
make the impossible a reality

Imagine having the power to touch the hearts and minds of today's generation with broadcast television, online media, and classroom curriculum… that in turn empowers them to think critically for themselves. Now imagine the staff and budget it would take to create such a television series, build the broadcast network, and construct an online education portal. And finally, imagine that this network consistently earns the Emmy for the Top Youth Entertainment/Information Program in the Midwest market.

The Into The Outdoors Entertainment and Educational Network

As impossible as all that might seem, it's a reality. And now you can own that immense power by partnering with the Into The Outdoors Entertainment and Educational Network and all the ways it impacts families, kids, teachers and classrooms. And whether our Partners are broadcasters, agencies, institutions, organizations, or corporations, they each share in the cumulative promotional reach of the entire ITO coalition of partners. So take a look at the benefits of joining this powerful and growing coalition of educational partners to see how it can begin fulfilling your educational goals.