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It’s easy to find a topic that fits your educational goals and classroom. Simply explore the Seven Science Categories to search for your topics of interest. There’s plenty to choose from and more coming online each month. When you open a Topic page, you’ll find a number of online and classroom teaching tools that are easy and ready to use with your students.

Free Videos & Lesson Guides

The first thing you’ll notice is the video player that may contain 4 parts of the 30-minute Featured ITO Episode. These four parts give you and your class an informative yet entertaining overview of the topic. You’ll find a text Overview to help you become more familiar with the topic. Down at the bottom of the topic page, you’ll also find an ITO Discussion Guide (PDF) that will help guide your class on an educational discussion of the episode. Please feel free to download and print any of our guides or materials for your use.

Some topics are Serious Science that focus in on some aspect of the topic. The Serious Science videos follow a STEM slant and companion the Classroom Lesson Guide of the same name. You’ll find these Lesson Guides (PDFs) near the bottom of the topic page. Together with the video, they give you engaging tools that you can use in your classroom to discover more about the Serious Science topics.

Share Your Content

And yes, all the educational videos, lesson guides and related materials here are free. So, by all means, please use and share them openly with your fellow educators. Heck, you can even ask your students to watch select science videos for homework. And it’s okay to tell them it’s fun. If you have lesson guides you’d like to share, we welcome your submissions to share with our ITO educational community. Simply email us with the Contact link and we’ll get back with you personally.  Finally, if your class also makes educational videos, we invite them to submit a science video to share on our website via the contact link above.